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Welcome to UnionDIRECT™, a program provided by Mid-Island Mortgage Corp. that offers discounted home loan programs for union members! Mid-Island recognizes the hard work, long hours and sacrifices you've given and we feel such commitment and dedication deserves to be rewarded! That’s why we’ve partnered with select unions to develop exclusive loan programs that enables union members and their families to reap great benefits now and for years to come!

UnionDirect™ Loans Feature:

  • NO Application Fees
  • NO Processing Fees
  • NO Commitment Fees*
  • NO Underwriting Fees
  • NO Broker Fees
  • REDUCED Interest Rates
  • REDUCED Attorney Fees
  • REDUCED Title Fees

*excluding New Jersey loans

To learn more, give us a call at 844.27.UNION or send us an email by clicking on "Learn More" below.

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